The gunsmithing company

Hausmann & Co the gunsmithing company

From old comes new


Hausmann & Co is a member of the new generation that has committed itself to historical values.


'We view the weapon as a work of art. We craft extraordinarily exclusive hunting weapons with exacting manual labour, in Ferlach's production facilities. The customer experiences special appreciation: planning the weapon together with him is central. Our weapons don't generally distinguish themselves through slimmer and more elegant design; they originate from the customer's personal wishes and conceptions. Here we commit ourselves most meticulously to the details. That's where our strength lies.'


Christian Hausmann founded Hausmann & Co GmbH together with Georg Heim and Florian Mutenthaler. For many years a passion for the manual production luxury weapons has bonded the trio, two gunsmiths and an engraver. Each has learned his craft from the bottom up. Now all of that mastery, all of the passion, all of the skill flows into the shared art of weaponry.


Hausmann weapons' exclusive feature is the newly designed side lever lock, reminiscent of the old English school. An extremely round and above all lightweight design is thereby achieved.


Hausmann dedicates itself to highly exclusive theme weapons under the designation of Superior Guns. The luxury hunting weapon 'Leopard's Journey' currently serves as a sign greatest uniqueness.


Since 2011 Hausmann & Co has been officially creating exclusive hunting weapons under the manufacturing business's common roof in Ferlach.