Christian HausmannChristian Hausmann, Hausmann & Co GmbH´s eponym

Master gunsmith and Hausmann & Co GmbH's eponym and managing director


The initiator


Christian Hausmann functions as Initiator, eponym, and managing director of the firm Hausmann & Co GmbH. For Mr. Hausmann, the decision to found the firm was a logical consequence of his passion for hunting and guns. He had already acquired a hunting licence in his native Germany at the age of fifteen.

He headed for Austria to specialize in his professional career, passing through gunsmith training at the HTBL Ferlach, which he completed with honours as best in his class. Thereafter he specialized in the construction of stocks. The year before founding the firm, he was employed as a journeyman, and ultimately as master at the hunting weapons production firm of Schaschl-Outschar in Ferlach.