Gunsmithing tradition

„Value what's pastThe gunsmithing town Ferlach from above
to shape the future.“

master gunsmith and
Hausmann & Co GmbH's managing director


A brief retrospect


The history of gunsmithing reaches far back into the past. For over 450 years gunsmiths resident the small town Ferlach in southern part of Austria. Under the regime of the Habsburg Emperor Ferdinand I, this handcraft was brought to a new boom. Empress Maria Theresa as well as her successors cherished and encouraged the art of gunsmithing. Between the 16th and 17th century over 50 master gunsmiths are recorded in and around Ferlach.


Besides maintaining supplies for the army, the Ferlach weapon industry became an early specialist in the production of exquisite hunting rifles for monarchs and aristocrats.

With the growing demand of these impressive and exclusive hunting rifles a technical school for gunsmithing was founded in 1878. Even today craftsmen and technicians are educated according to the centuries-old tradition.


Ferlach was and is a center for precision weapons, and weapons artistry and manufacture. So while more than eighty gunsmiths were active twenty years ago, there are still only about twelve today. These businesses serve exclusive clientèles worldwide by differentiating in quality and precision. Ferlach weapons art is internationally recognized. This is another reason for us to continue maintaining the tradition in Ferlach.