Custom-made stocks

Made to measure


The stock assumes a very special meaning during the hunting shot. It's not for nothing that an old proverb says: 'The barrel shoots; the stock strikes'.


Hausmann & Co has years of experience with the stocks of individual hunting rifles.

So it's usual at Hausmann to be able to schedule a trial fitting appointment during stocking to allow the stock to be tested directly and possible changes to be made right at the in-house work shop. Hausmann thereby stands for an end product that is optimally matched through its individuality with the customer's conceptions.


Hausmann & Co also re-stocks existing hunting and sport Guns and Rifles—just ask!


Custom-made stock of a Ferlacher rifle



The creation of a custom-made stock

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Reasons for custom-made stocks

There are various reasons for the creation of custom-made stocks. Very often the reason for a custom-made stock is a breakage of the original stock. However, if you are not pleased with the machined standard stock of your purchased rifle, a custom-made stock is usually the more favourable and valuable choice, compared to a pricey upgrade of the rifles’ manufacturer. 

For whatever reason you decide for a custom-made stock, the advantages are clear.

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  • The stock is customized exactly to the gunman’s needs enabling a very fast and ergonomic attack.

  • There are no limits set to form and design, the possibilities are endless. Various pistol grips like Prince of Wales pistol grip, full pistol grip and all special types of pistol grips can be combined with most different cheek piece shapes as classic cheek piece, bavarian cheek piece and also modified types of cheek pieces.

  • In general the custom-made stock is more attractive, compared to an upgrade of a higher wood grade of the rifles manufacturer.

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