Gun repairs and scope mountings

The value lies in the detail.

 Hausmann & Co gun repairs and scope mountings

Hausmann Guns and Rifles provide many years of joy. Not just the functionality must be guaranteed over a long periode of time; the weapon must be as easy to operate as it was on the first day.


Hausmann & Co carries out all kinds of repairs and calibre changes on hunting and sport weapons. The extraordinarily well equipped work shop enables nearly all repairs to be carried out directly in-house.


Hausmann & Co offers an array of individual services for customers and suppliers:


  • Spare parts manufacture

  • Rifle scope assembly

  • General repairs

  • Restorations

  • Services


Hausmann & Co also stands by you from individual consultation sessions to proof firing during weapon renovation or change to a modern calibre.


Of course Hausmann & Co also installs rifle scopes on existing weapons. All major rifle scope manufacturers are carried.